BigBlue VTL6300P - Video/Technical Light

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The VTL6300P offers BOTH a flood beam at 120° AND a narrow beam at 10°! Canister version now... mehr
Produktinformationen "BigBlue VTL6300P - Video/Technical Light"

The VTL6300P offers BOTH a flood beam at 120° AND a narrow beam at 10°! Canister version now available (VTL6300PC-Slim). The light is 6300 lumens and is controlled by a reliable push-button on/off switching system with 4 levels of brightness for the wide beam, 1 level for the narrow beam, and 1 for the red beam. The light also has a built-in battery indicator, it comes with a sturdy Goodman-style glove for hands-free operation, a standard 1" ball joint for easy camera set-up, a removeable yellow filter, a Lithium ion battery and charger. Additional Accessories: Extra battery BATCELL18650X4, BATCHR18650X4, ERMGLOVE.

Light Source: 11 x XML LED + 6 XPE Red LED
Light Output: 630 Lm (level I) 1575 Lm (Level II) 3150 Lm (Level III) 6300 Lm (Level IV)
Casing Material: Aluminum alloy, anti-corrosive anodized
Power Source: Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Pack 18650x4
Safety Designs: Double o-ring sealed
Angle Of Light Beam: 120 degree wide beam & 10 degree narrow
Color Temperature: 6500K
Available Colors: Black
Burn Time: 3 hrs (Level IV), 6 hrs (Level III), 12 hrs (Level II), 30 hrs (Level I)
Maximum Depth: 100 Meters Tested
Video Filters: Removable Yellow Filter
Size: Dia. 55.4 x L.152.3mm
Weight: 498g (Including Battery)
Bouyancy: -161 g (Including Battery)
Switching System: Push-button with battery indicator
Front Glass: Tempered optical glass
Lanyard: Yes
Package Weight Lbs: 3
Sku: VTL6300P
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